A spreadsheet-based, agile project management engine in the cloud for large enterprises


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Smartsheet is a SaaS-style database program that can also function as a spreadsheet application as well as a document storage solution. Users are free to share sheets with anyone else who is logged into the app. They can also manage calendars with the same tabular UI that spreadsheets and databases are normally aligned to.

It's somewhat hard to define Smartsheet in a single word because it comes with so many different features, but at its core the app is designed to function like a project management suite. When users create a new project, they can assign as many people to it as they'd like. All accounts linked with the project can then collaborate on it together.

That gives individuals the freedom to work on things at their own pace. Since Smartsheet is designed with a columnar layout, even the integrated project management tools are all aligned according to a series of rows. That makes learning how to use it relatively simple even for those who may have never worked with this kind of software in the past.

Most users will want to access Smartsheet through a browser, though mobile apps for Android phones and iOS devices are also available. While these apps can burn through a mobile data limit fairly quickly, they're a great choice for those who can connect to a local hotspot whenever they plan on doing real work. In spite of the fact that Smartsheet is extremely feature-rich, none of these versions tends to slow down very often.

Users who are logged into any of the various portals are free to edit documents created by those running the software on another platform. This makes exchanging information between different devices a breeze. Since Smartsheet provides all of the features that you'd expect from a commercial-grade spreadsheet solution, it even performs calculations on the fly as people edit individual cells.

Every row in a sheet can have more than just numerical data assigned to it, however. When you edit a row, you have the option of attaching files to it. This gives you the freedom to insert whatever kind of data you'd like to into each section of the document. Managers are free to create discussion boards inside of a row, so individual users can comment on the project whenever they see fit.

Perhaps most important is the fact that Smartsheet has a data import function designed to work with other software. Integrations are provided for Dropbox and Amazon Web Services. Salesforce users can automatically import information from their shopping carts directly into Smartsheet and run a statistical analysis on it whenever necessary.

Those with legacy documents created in Microsoft Excel can import them with a single click as well, which makes this an attractive option for those who are currently in the process of migrating to the cloud.


  • Extremely portable
  • Collaboration features
  • Users can share documents
  • Neat tabular UI


  • Needs a network connection to function
  • May use a lot of mobile data

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. To-Do Lists
  2. Creation & Assignment
  3. Due Dates

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Mass Updates
  2. Resource Allocation
  3. Capacity
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  • Business: $25
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